Five years ago, Bethesda had two kids in the youth group, and the youth program was dangerously close to folding. However, Deacon of Education Cathy Spencer knew that Bethesda was the kind of church that could offer a loving, gracious home to many kids who needed hope, healing, and a spiritual place to call their own. Enlisting help from Joey and Ashley Spencer, Cathy turned around the youth program in a little under a year.

Now the Bethesda Believers average 40 kids on a Wednesday night during youth group meetings.  We now have a van that transports kids from all over Montgomery County to come together once a week to worship God and learn more about His nature and His plan for their lives. The Bethesda Believers make several trips throughout the year, including Winter Jam and Ichthus Music Festival, and they are also involved in ongoing service projects and community ministries.

Bethesda Believers meet every Wednesday night at 7 pm.
Youth leaders Joey and Ashley Spencer
Youth member T.J. Taylor
Youth worker Casey Puckett
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Youth leader and Deacon of Education Cathy Spencer
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Members of Bethesda Believers
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Youth Worker Lorrie Prater
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Youth workers put on a skit for Vacation Bible School 2013