Bethesda Church supports International Missions Outreach in Haiti under the direction of Dr. John Hanson and his wife, Joyce. Founded in 1976,  International Missions Outreach (IMO) has grown to be one of the largest active mission organizations in Haiti. Bethesda elder Rex Martin and his wife, Genean, have traveled numerous times to IMO to minister there, and many Bethesda members monetarily support the Child Sponsorship Program, which provides educational and medical supplies for one child throughout the year.  Under the direction of Joyce Hanson, IMO operates seventeen schools in Haiti, serving over 5000 children.  IMO has established more than 40 churches and 200 brush arbor meeting houses throughout Haiti to minister to the Christians there. IMO is headquartered at Delmas, about six miles outside of the capital city, Port au Prince, Haiti. Bethesda Church is currently raising money for a motorcycle for Pastor Francique Corieland from Haiti. He pastors four churches every Sunday without transportation.

Rex Martin

Bethesda Elder Rex Martin recently traveled to International Missions Outreach in Delmas, Haiti, to take medical supplies and sports equipment to the Christians there.


Madame Pastor Joyce Hanson has worked with the children of Haiti for over 40 years.


International Missions Outreach Medical Clinic at Boutin is open every Thursday and gives general medical assistance to more than 100 people every week.

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Pastor Edner of the Robin Church and Pastor Joe from the Boutin Church share a story outside the Boutin Clinic.

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The principal of the International Missions Outreach school in Ducrabon poses with one of the soccer balls sent by Bethesda Church.

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Students at the International Missions Outreach school at Ducrabon, Haiti.

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Students at the International Missions Outreach school at Ducrabon, Haiti.

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School children at the International Missions Outreach school at Thomonde, Haiti.