BethesdaChurch_BlueSky_PhotoFrameBethesda Church is a rural, non-denominational church in Montgomery County, Kentucky near the Clark County line on Winchester Road. The church has been at this location for 17 years. We have about 90 members. We follow the charismatic tradition, which means we believe God still works through miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit. During each service, we welcome the Holy Spirit into our midst and sometimes we experience prophecies, miracles, and healing. Those things don’t happen in every service, but anytime God want to do something wonderful, we’re open to it.

Bethesda Church is an open, non-judgmental group of believers who come from a variety of different religious backgrounds. Many of us have been hurt by religion, and we were attracted to the gospel message of unconditional love, grace, and mercy. We tend to attract people who are disillusioned by the traditional church and skeptical of organized religion.We are a church of healing, a place of retreat for the wounded and the weary. We welcome everyone, and we love unconditionally.